Journal: Journal of Pharmacy Research

Article Id: JPRS-PA-00001368
Title: Colorimetric Determination of Alfuzosin HCl in Pharmaceutical Formulations
Category: Pharmaceutical Analysis
Section: Research Article
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    A simple, rapid, sensitive and reproducible visible spectrophotometric method has been developed for the determination of Alfuzosin hydrochloride (AFZ) in bulk and in its dosage forms. The method is based on the reaction of AFZ with gold (III) chloride in the pH range 1.0 – 5.0 forming red color complex solution, showing absorption maxima at 510 nm. The linear plot indicates that Beer’s law is obeyed in the range of 10 – 110 μg/ml of alfuzosin hydrochloride. The molar absorptivity and Sandell’s sensitivity are 5.62 x 103 l mol-1 cm-1 and 0.0758 μg/cm2 respectively. The standard deviation of the method for ten determinations of 20 μg/ml of alfuzosin hydrochloride is 0.0123. The correlation coefficient (g) of the experimental data of the calibration plot is 0.9991. The effective range of concentration for accurate determination of alfuzosin hydrochloride as ascertained from Ringbom’s plot and it is 20 – 100 μg/ml. Interferences of the other ingredients and excipients were not observed. The optimum reaction conditions and other analytical parameters were evaluated. The methods were successfully applied to the determination of AFZ in pharmaceutical formulations.

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    Author(s) Name:

    B. Mohammed Ishaq*1, Dr. K. Vanitha Prakash1, C. Hari Kumar2, G. Usha Rani3,P. Ramakrishna4

    Affiliation(s) Name:

    1Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, SSJ College of Pharmacy, Gandipet, Hyderabad, A.P. India
    2Deccan School of Pharmacy, Hyderabad, A.P. India
    3CMR College of Pharmacy, Hyderabad, A.P. India
    4Department of Aanalytical Research and Development, Matrix Laboratories, Hyderabad, A.P

    *Corresponding author.
    B. Mohammed Ishaq
    Dept. of Pharmaceutical Analysis,
    SSJ College of Phamracy, Gandipet,
    Hyderabad, A.P. INDIA

    Received on: 19-09-2010; Revised on: 18-10-2010; Accepted on:13-12-2010

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    B. Mohammed Ishaq*1, Dr. K. Vanitha Prakash1, C. Hari Kumar2, G. Usha Rani3,P. Ramakrishna4

    Title:Colorimetric Determination of Alfuzosin HCl in Pharmaceutical Formulations
    Journal:Journal of Pharmacy Research
    Vol(issue):4 (January)
    Page No: (226-228)
  • Experimental Methods Keywords

    Methodology:spectrophotometric method, correlation coefficient, Ringbom’s plot.
    Research Materials:Alfuzosin hydrochloride


Alfuzosin hydrochloride spectrophotometric method correlation coefficient Ringbom’s plot.

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