Journal: Journal of Pharmacy Research

Article Id: JPRS-PB-00001410
Title: In-vitro hemolytic activity of Allium stracheyi baker
Category: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Section: Research Article
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    The present study reveals the phytochemical profile and in-vitro hemolytic property of Allium stracheyi Baker, an ethno botanically important medicinal and aromatic plant endemic to western Himalaya. The leaves were sequentially extracted by using different solvents according to their increasing polarity. The qualitative phytochemical screening of the extracts revealed the presence of alkaloids, saponins, fixed oils, phytosterols, phenolics and flavonoids. The extracts were tested for their hemolytic property with three different concentrations. The butanol extract has shown maximum amount of hemolysis where as the water extract has shown least amount of hemolysis. All the extracts have shown dose dependent activity. Thus the present study indicates the hemolytic potential of this plant.

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    Author(s) Name:

    Amrita Mukherjee and C. Rajasekaran*

    Affiliation(s) Name:

    Plant Biotechnology Division,School of Biosciences and Technology,VIT University,Vellore – 632 014 ,Tamilnadu - India

    *Corresponding author.
    Dr. C. Rajasekaran
    Assistant Professor (SG)
    Plant Biotechnology Division,School of Biosciences and Technology
    VIT University,Vellore – 632 014,Tamilnadu - India

    Received on: 20-01-2010; Revised on: 16-02-2010; Accepted on:15-04-2010

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    Amrita Mukherjee and C. Rajasekaran*

    Title:In-vitro hemolytic activity of Allium stracheyi baker
    Journal:Journal of Pharmacy Research
    Vol(issue):3 (May)
    Page No: (1160-1162)
  • Experimental Methods Keywords

    Methodology:Hemolytic activity, soxhlet extraction, phytochemical profile
    Research Materials:Allium stracheyi


Allium stracheyi hemolytic activity soxhlet extraction phytochemical profile

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