Journal: Journal of Pharmacy Research

Article Id: JPRS-MB-00002079
Title: Use of various screening methods for isolation of potential biosurfactant producing microorganism from oil-contaminated soil samples
Category: Microbiology
Section: Research Article
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    Introduction: Biosurfactant molecules are low molecular weight surface active compounds produced by microorganisms which reduce the surface and interfacial tension of aqueous solutions and hydrocarbon mixtures. Aim: The present study involved different screening tests to select potent bacterial biosurfactant producer from oil-contaminated soil samples. Materials and Methods: Number of tests such as hemolytic activity, lipase test, drop collapse test, and oil spreading test was adopted initially for mass screening and also to filter promising isolates. In a second phase, more precise penetration assay, bath test, reduction in surface tension, and emulsification index measurement were used to finalize and score each isolate as per scoring index. In the last step, bacteria were identified as per the 16SrRNA gene sequencing to identify them up to species level. Result: Out of 150 isolates collected after enrichment by the 1st phase study, effective 21 isolates were recovered as biosurfactant producer, and by second phase analysis, bacterium Serratia rubidaea strain KAP (Accession number: LC2017792) was recognized as best biosurfactant producer by involving scoring system earn points in every test by the organism. Conclusion: Studied methodology put forward the success of combination-based screening tests for selection of potent biosurfactant producers under in vitro conditions.

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    Anuradha Pendse, K. Aruna*

    Affiliation(s) Name:

    Department of Microbiology, Wilson College, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

    *Corresponding author: K. Aruna Department of Microbiology, Wilson College, Mumbai – 400 007, Maharashtra, India.

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    Anuradha Pendse, K. Aruna*

    Title:Use of various screening methods for isolation of potential biosurfactant producing microorganism from oil-contaminated soil samples
    Journal:Journal of Pharmacy Research
    Vol(issue):12 (April)
    Page No: (599-605)
  • Experimental Methods Keywords

    Methodology:Biosurfactant, Emulsification index, Screening methods, Surface tension measurement
    Research Materials:Serratia sp.


Biosurfactant Emulsification index Screening methods Serratia sp. Surface tension measurement

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