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Title: Dizziness: The linguistic aspects of diagnosis
Category: Pharmacology
Section: Research Article
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    Aim: Dizziness complaints are the most frequent in patients in the primary health-care system and in the treatment of emergency conditions in the practice of neurologists and general practitioners. Methods: Difficulties in diagnosing dizziness are explained by the fact that the verbal report of a patient plays a leading role in the procedure of diagnosis. There are no instrumental diagnostic methods (except for magnetic resonance imaging with strokes and hearing auric examination for hearing impairment), which allow doctors to determine the cause of dizziness. Results: Thus, specific verbal descriptors are used to diagnose the concrete type of the disease: Vertigo (true rotational dizziness), presyncope, imbalance, vague sensations of faintness, anxiety, and depression. It should be noted that in one patient, two or more types of dizziness can occur simultaneously. Conclusion: The research was conducted at Kazan Federal University Clinic (Kazan, Russia) by the group of clinical linguists and neurologists. The experience of this joint work demonstrates the advisability of such cooperation in clinical situations when the verbal diagnostic component is the key to the assessment of neurological dysfunction.

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    Oleg Esin1 *, Rady Esin2 , Radif Zamaletdinov2 , Elena Gorobets2

    Affiliation(s) Name:

    1 Department of Applied Linguistics, Kazan State Medical Academy, Kazan, Russian Federation,

    2 Department of Neurology and Manual Therapy, Kazan State Medical Academy, Kazan, Russian Federation

    *Corresponding author: Oleg Esin, Department of Applied Linguistics, Kazan State Medical Academy, 36 Butlerov Street, Kazan 420 012, Russian Federation

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    Oleg Esin1 *, Rady Esin2 , Radif Zamaletdinov2 , Elena Gorobets2

    Title:Dizziness: The linguistic aspects of diagnosis
    Journal:Drug Invention Today
    Vol(issue):10 (July)
    Page No: (1138-1141)
  • Experimental Methods Keywords

    Methodology: Clinical linguistics, Disequilibrium, Dizziness, Phrase descriptor, Presyncope, Vertigo, Word descriptor
    Research Materials:Dizziness


Clinical linguistics Disequilibrium Dizziness Phrase descriptor Presyncope Vertigo Word descriptor

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