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Title: Methods of recording mandibular movements - A review
Category: Pharmacology
Section: Research Article
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    The aim of this article is to review the current literature on various methods of assessing mandibular movements. As mandibular movements reflect the functional morphology of temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the occlusal morphology of each tooth may be functionally related to its antagonist, to the TMJ and to the other components of the stomatognathic system in reasonably precise ways. Articulator specifications thus can be based on common recognizable elements of jaw movements involved in chewing, swallowing, speech, regardless of various occlusal schemes. This would enable the dentist to prevent or minimize periodontal and temporomandibular disease and consequent tooth loss. The movement pattern of the mandible in function has long been the subject of considerable interest both from the physiologic and the clinical aspects. Mandibular movement is defined as “any movement of the lower jaw” and is determined by the simultaneous activities of the TMJ. The analysis of mandibular movements is specifically good at providing important parameters for evaluation of the TMJ function as well as for the determination of the state of muscles involved in mastication. With a precise knowledge of these, articulator specifications may be accurately made, which enable the dentist and the laboratory technician to build and test prosthetic appliances in an actual functional relationship as it occurs in the mouth. This article attempts to recapitulate the various methods of recording mandibular movements. Hence, this topic is chosen to provide the reader with a general picture about the innumerous recent methods available to assess mandibular movements.

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    Sanjay Madhavan1 , M. Dhanraj 2 , Ashish R. Jain2 *

    Affiliation(s) Name:

    1 Department of Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry, Saveetha Dental College, Saveetha University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India,

    2 Department of Prosthodontics, Saveetha Dental College and Hospitals, Saveetha University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

    *Corresponding author: Dr. Ashish R. Jain, Department of Prosthodontics, Saveetha Dental College and Hospital, Saveetha University, Poonamalle High Road, Chennai - 600 127, Tamil Nadu, India.

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    Sanjay Madhavan1 , M. Dhanraj 2 , Ashish R. Jain2 *

    Title:Methods of recording mandibular movements - A review
    Journal:Drug Invention Today
    Vol(issue):10 (July)
    Page No: (1254-1259)
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    Methodology:Methods of recording mandibular movements
    Research Materials:Articulators, Mandibular, Movements, Pantograph, Temporomandibular joint


Articulators Mandibular Movements Pantograph Temporomandibular joint

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