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Article Id: JPRS-PDRS-0000247
Title: Antioxidant potential of tissue cultured Mentha spicata
Category: Plant Drugs Related Study
Section: Research Article
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    Environmental pollutants and food contaminants are posing an oxidative stress in humans. The body’s endogenous defenses may not be adequate to prevent the damages completely. So, it is pertinent to look for some exogenous source of natural antioxidants that can be incorporated in the diet to modulate body’s antioxidant defense mechanisms. Herbs can be important sources of natural antioxidants. Keeping this in view, present study had been carried out to evaluate antioxygenic potential of tissue culture raised Mentha spicata (SPR 8). This mentha species was found to be rich in phenolics. Various in vitro models viz. hydroxyl, nitric oxide,super oxide radical scavenging potential, iron reducing power, iron chelation and inhibition of linoleic acid peroxidation revealed Mentha spicata (SPR 8) to be a potent source of antioxidants. Usefulness of Mentha spicata was further proved using ex vivo models involving human erythrocytes. Being rich in iron and PUFA erythrocytes are vulnerable to oxidative damage when exposed to molecular oxygen. Moreover, human erythrocytes when incubated at low temperature tend to lose their endogenous antioxidants. The rate of loss of antioxidant potential in the presence of an extract can therefore be an index of antioxidant potential. The Mentha spicata (SPR 8) extract protected erythrocytes against induced LPO of erythrocytes as well as osmotic fragility over the incubation period of 72 h. Loss of activities of antioxidant enzymes over the incubation period was prevented to a good extent using Mentha extracts. Thus, tissue culture raised Mentha spicata (SPR 8) can be a potent source of antioxidants.

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    Akash Deep, Pooja Rana, S S Gosal1 and Giridhar Soni*

    Affiliation(s) Name:

    Department of Biochemistry and 1School of Agricultural Biotechnology, Punjab Agricultural University ,Ludhiana,Punjab,India.

    *Corresponding author.
    Dr Giridhar Soni (Ph.D Biochemistry)
    Postal address-Professor and head,
    Biochemistry domain
    Department of Biotechnology
    LPU , Phagwara. Punjab,India

    Received on:17-09-2012; Revised on: 19-10-2012; Accepted on:10-12-2012

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    Akash Deep, Pooja Rana, S S Gosal1 and Giridhar Soni*

    Title: Antioxidant potential of tissue cultured Mentha spicata
    Journal:JPR:BioMedRx:An International Journal
    Vol(issue):1 (January )
    Page No: (90-96)
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    Methodology:Antioxidant potential
    Research Materials:Mentha spicata


Antioxidants Erythrocytes Herbs Mentha spicata Oxidative stress

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