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Title: Snacking patterns among the adolescents
Category: Pharmaceutics
Section: Research Article
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    Aim: This study aims to evaluate the effect of different food products on oral hygiene. Background: Different food items have different effect on the teeth and the surrounding structures. Food items can leave varying amounts of debris in the oral cavity after consumption. This debris may serve as a substrate for microorganisms which can lead to poor oral hygiene and the resulting dental problems. Materials and Methods: The study group comprises 40 patients divided into four categories with 10 patients in each. The four categories are vegetable category, junk food category, meat category, and chocolate category. The oral health information suite (OHI-S) is recorded for these individuals after which they are given the corresponding food items. The OHI-S is recorded once again. The results are compared. Results: It was determined that 10% of the sample population snacked on sweets, 30% on chocolates, 20% on pizza, 10% on soft drinks, and the remaining 10% on chips. It was also determined that 40% consumed the food items once a day while 50% consumed it twice and another 10% consumed it thrice. 10% of the population chewed for 2 min while 40% accepted that they chewed for 4 min and another 50% for more than 5 min. 90% acknowledged the ill effects of snacking on oral hygiene while another 10% stated that they were unaware. 40% claimed that they cleaned their teeth after snacking while 60% accepted that they did not do so. Conclusion: This study shows that more awareness is required to educate the adolescents on the ill effects of snacking which predispose to health hazards. Promotion of healthy eating habits and encouragement of regular postoral hygiene measures are the need of the hour.

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    Giftson Rajarajan, Dhanraj Ganapathy, Ashish R. Jain*

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    Department of Prosthodontics, Saveetha Dental College, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

    *Corresponding author: Dr. Ashish R. Jain, Department of Prosthodontics, Saveetha Dental College and Hospital, Saveetha University, Poonamalle High Road, Chennai - 600 127, Tamil Nadu, India.

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    Giftson Rajarajan, Dhanraj Ganapathy, Ashish R. Jain*

    Title:Snacking patterns among the adolescents
    Journal:Drug Invention Today
    Vol(issue):11 (January)
    Page No: (138-141)
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    Methodology:Adolescent, Oral Health, Smoking
    Research Materials:Snacks


Adolescent Oral Health Smoking Snacks

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