Journal: Inter. J. of Chemical and Analytical Science

Article Id: JPRS-PSPA-0000316
Title: Phytochemical and antimicrobial investigation of mangrove plant Heritiera littoralis
Category: Phytochemical Study and Pharmacological Activity
Section: Editorial
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    Phytochemical and antimicrobial activity of different solvent extracts of stem Heritiera littoralis and the compounds isolated from ethyl acetate extract. On the basis of their melting points, spectral data (IR, 1H and 13CMR) and mass spectral data the tested compound is Heritol. The antimicrobial activities of the extracts and their isolated compounds were investigated and tested against gram + ve and – ve bacteria and fungi.

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    Author(s) Name:

    Varahalarao Vadlapudi

    Affiliation(s) Name:

    Phytochemistry lab, Department of Botany, Andhra University,Visakhapatnam – 530003, A.P,India.

    *Corresponding author.
    Varahalarao Vadlapudi,
    Assistant professor,
    Department of Biochemistry
    Dr Lankapalli bullayya post graduate college,

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    Varahalarao Vadlapudi

    Title:Phytochemical and antimicrobial investigation of mangrove plant Heritiera littoralis
    Journal:Inter. J. of Chemical and Analytical Science
    Vol(issue):1 (January )
    Page No: (1-2)
  • Experimental Methods Keywords

    Methodology:spectral data, Heritol, Antimicrobial activity.
    Research Materials:Heritiera littoralis


Heritiera littoralis spectral data Heritol Antimicrobial activity.

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