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Article Id: JPRS-MSNS-00003502
Title: Analysis on the mutagenicity of insecticide quinalphos and dimethoate
Category: Microbiological Study (on Natural/ Synthetic drug)
Section: Research Article
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    Introduction: Mutagenesis is proved to analysis the organism changes and its effect on characteristics and products. The Ames test can identify mutagens that work specifically to modify DNA. In people, in any case, numerous synthetic concoctions are promutagens, specialists that must be actuated to end up evident mutagens. Initiation, including a synthetic alteration, frequently happens in the liver as a result of ordinary liver movement on bizarre substances. Materials and Methods: In this research, Ames test is for determining chemical nature having properties to cause mutation. The organism is highly sensitive to histidine and many chemicals which can explore different pesticides. Results and Discussion: It is a simple, reasonable, and helpful starting screen for mutagens. The main chemicals used in the pesticides are quinalphos and dimethoate, respectively. Conclusion: From research work, I concluded that these two are strong mutagens. They have high carcinogenic activity.

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    Steni Jose, A. Manikandan*, P. B. Ramesh Babu, T. Jayalakshmi

    Affiliation(s) Name:

    Department of Genetic Engineering, Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

    *Corresponding author: A. Manikandan, Assistant Professor, Department of Genetic Engineering, BIHER, Chennai-73.

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    Steni Jose, A. Manikandan*, P. B. Ramesh Babu, T. Jayalakshmi

    Title:Analysis on the mutagenicity of insecticide quinalphos and dimethoate
    Journal:Drug Invention Today
    Vol(issue):11 (May)
    Page No: (1234-1236)
  • Experimental Methods Keywords

    Methodology:Ames test, , Mutagenicity
    Research Materials:Carcinogen, Quinalphos and dimethoate, Salmonella typhimurium


Ames test Carcinogen Mutagenicity Quinalphos and dimethoate Salmonella typhimurium

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