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Title: Assessment of calcium level in infertility
Category: Pharmaceutics
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    Introduction: Calcium is known for muscle function, women’s preconception health, muscle contraction, female reproductive system, the follicular production, creating alkaline environment in vagina, oocyte activation, and maturation. Women should ensure whether they are getting the recommended 1000 g of calcium per day. The main aim of this study was to assess the calcium ion level in the infertile female patients. Materials and Methods: Group I – Normal healthy fertile women and Group II – Individuals with the history of infertility 3 ml of venous blood were collected from both groups. Then, serum was separated and analyzed to estimate the serum calcium level by standard kit method using CORALAB 3000 Semi automated analyzer. Results: The data were analyzed using the SPSS package. Paired sample t-test analysis was done to find out significant differences between the two groups. All the tests were considered significant at P < 0.05 level. Conclusion: This study shows a negative effect (i.e., infertility) on the calcium deficient patients. Those patients have to be supplemented with calcium ions before conception.

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    Jaya Vabushana, R. Gayatri Devi*, A. Jyothipriya

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    Department of Physiology, Saveetha Dental College, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Science, Saveetha University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

    *Corresponding author: R. Gayatri Devi, Department of Physiology, Saveetha Dental College, Saveetha Institute of Technical and Medical Sciences, Saveetha University, 162, Poonamallee High Road, Chennai - 600 077, Tamil Nadu, India.

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    Jaya Vabushana, R. Gayatri Devi*, A. Jyothipriya

    Title:Assessment of calcium level in infertility
    Journal:Drug Invention Today
    Vol(issue):11 (June )
    Page No: (1327-1329)
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    Methodology:Fertility, Infertile, Reproduction
    Research Materials:calcium


calcium Fertility Infertile Reproduction

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