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Title: Prevalence of aging diseases in Iraqi elderly
Category: Pharmacology
Section: Research Article
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    Background: Aging comes about from the effect of the accumulation of a wide assortment of molecular and cellular damage over the time. This promotes a progressive lessening in physical and mental capacity, a developing risk of disease, numerous chronic diseases, and pathological conditions. Various investigations were to assess the relationship between the magnitudes of the problem submitted to the concerned officials to enhance shadowing of non-communicable disease (NCD). Methodology: Male and female patients were selected, based on an exclusion (systemic rheumatic diseases, malignancy, gout, thyroid disease, pregnancy, and medications: Thiazide, calcium, Vitamin D, steroid, and bisphosphonate) and inclusion (Iraqi consenting men and women, aged from 35 to >65 years) criteria. The study was conducted with an outpatient of convenient sample size of (5, 50) male and female attended consultation units of Al- Naaman Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq. Samples are selected in the month of July 2018 and using random sampling techniques, separate lists were prepared for rural and urban areas. The study depends on the WHO classification for diseases category to affirm the diagnosis. Results: Outcome of the present study shows that most of the disease burden in an old age is due to NCDs, risk factors of atherosclerosis due to dyslipidemia and diabetes, and the remaining elderly disease were due to renal failure and these conditions are imperative targets for the development of health promotions policies. Strategies to reduce the burden of mortality and disability in older age by enabling healthy behaviors and controlling metabolic risk factors can, therefore, start early in life and should continue across the life. Conclusions: Behaviors also remain important in older age. Strength training to maintain muscle mass and good nutrition with multiple vitamins, especially B-complex, which act coenzyme needed in metabolic pathway can both help to preserve generation and maintenance cognitive function, delay care dependency, and reverse frailty. Global strategy and action plan on aging and health are required.

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    Taghreed Abdul Hameed*

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    Department of Basic Science, Dentistry College, Al-Iraqia University, Baghdad, Iraq

    *Corresponding author: Taghreed Abdul Hameed, Department of Basic Science, Dentistry College, Al-Iraqia University, Baghdad, Iraq.

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    Taghreed Abdul Hameed*

    Title:Prevalence of aging diseases in Iraqi elderly
    Journal:Drug Invention Today
    Vol(issue):13 (May)
    Page No: (797-801)
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    Methodology:Prevalence of aging diseases
    Research Materials: Male and female patients


Aging diseases Elderly Non-communicable diseases

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