Journal: Journal of Pharmacy Research

Article Id: JPRS-PCS-0000645
Title: Chemical Penetration Enhancement: A Review
Category: Pharmaceutics
Section: Research Article
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    Transdermal drug delivery system is now a promising drug delivery system. Modern transdermal drug delivery systems are products of basic pharmaceutical research that took place during the last third of the 20th century. The literature on transdermal delivery of drugs has been revised. The transdermal drug delivery system has potential advantages of avoiding hepatic first pass metabolism, maintaining constant blood levels for longer period of time, decrease side effects, decrease gastrointestinal effect that occur due to local contact with gastric mucosa and improved compliance. The success of dermatological or transdermal drug delivery systems depends on the ability of the drug to penetrate into and/or permeate through skin in sufficient quantities to achieve desired therapeutic levels. In this article, the most recent chemical penetration enhancers on transdermal delivery systems is intended to summarize the progress in TDDS research and development (R&D).

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    Kevin Garala*, Nidhi Faldu, Biswajit Basu, Ravi Bhalodia, Kuldeep Mehta, Bhavik Joshi

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    *Department of Pharmaceutics, Atmiya Institute of Pharmacy, Yogidham Gurukul, Kalawad Road, Rajkot-360005, Gujarat State, India.

    Received on: 23-08-2009; Accepted on:20-11-2009

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    Kevin Garala*, Nidhi Faldu, Biswajit Basu, Ravi Bhalodia, Kuldeep Mehta, Bhavik Joshi

    Title:Chemical Penetration Enhancement: A Review
    Journal:Journal of Pharmacy Research
    Vol(issue):2 (December)
    Page No: (1804-1808)
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    Methodology:Transdermal Drug Delivery
    Research Materials:Chemical


Transdermal Drug Delivery Penetration Enhancement Chemical Permeation Enhancers

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