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3.International Journal of Chemical and Analytical Science-(0976-1209)

4. JPR:BioMedRx:An International Journal - (2321-4988)

Sumit article in below  Link ( First step )

Types of Paper

  • Research Article 
  • Review articles 
  • Short Communications, Case studies 
  • Editorial 
  • Drug  Related Survey
Recommended File Sizes (PDF)

Recommend that the size of submission file should not exceed 600 KB word (For online submission).  to 

A full research paper should have following components:

Any Title of article submitting to any Journal  (must be approved by Authorized person  (as corrsponding author of tite )  from RDC committee or their nominee of college or university or their affiliates  )  before submission  corresponding author should be taken their head or principal signature and letter should be given to JPR with all due respect to title of article.

(Govt  or their approved affililiated , Name(s) of the corresponding author(s)* with Govt grant number for exact title valid in any teritory. Identification number(given by valid authortiy( by Govt OR Their affiliates   should be valid in when submited ) or provid a number or Grant numner  which valid  till that year , The address(es) and affiliations of the author(s), The e-mail address, full telephone and fax no. of the corresponding author, Abstract ( see our articles, Key words (as indexing terms), normally 3-6 items.

How to Write a title : Ttile shoud  be approved by authorites 

Author Detials : Approved  by authorites 

Author Affiliations : Full address of college, university along with Dept.


Introduction, Material and Methods, Results & Discussion (can be also combined into one section as Results and Discussion) Conclusion,  Acknowledgements,  References: Scientific style Use accepted signs and symbols (SI units) for units, e.g. t ha-1 or kg m-2. Do not use field functions. Please use the 'spellchecker' function of your word processor before submissions. Authors, whose native language is not English, please have your manuscripts read by an English-speaking person prior to submission Acknowledgments Acknowledgments of funds, people, funding organizations etc. should be placed before the reference list.

Author Guideline

The Journal publishes reviews, research articles and short communications, Editorial,case report.

The scope of the journals is to publish Pharmaceutical, Sciences which include organic, inorganic, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, phytochemistry and pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical microbiology and biotechnology, clinical, dental science etc.

It is essential that only corresponding authors prepare( or responsible)  their manuscripts according to established specifications as per requiremnts . Failure to follow them may result in papers being delayed or rejected from journal befor or after publication. Therefore, contributors are strongly encouraged to read these instructions carefully before preparing a manuscript for submission in. The manuscripts should be checked carefully for grammatical errors. All papers are subjected to rapid peer corrections and publish in Online. Types of manuscripts Research papers: Papers should present new experimental studies in elaborate form that constitute a significant contribution to knowledge. Research Papers should not exceed 15 pages. Short communications: Papers are the one that should present new important findings in a brief form,a maximum of 10 pages including illustrations. Review articles : Papers should bring up the most important current topics or present interpretative and critical accounts, but not simple compilation, on subjects of general interest. They should be around 30 or more pages. Manuscripts are accepted on the understanding that the authors have obtained the necessary authority for publication. Manuscripts with multi-authors imply the consent of each of the authors. Submission of an article to JPR is understood to imply that it has not been either published or not being considered for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts should be neatly typed, single-spaced throughout, including tables, graphs, figures ( IN EXCEL FORMAT). Manuscript should be uniform size with at least 1.0 cm margins on all sides. 

Manuscripts preparations Prepare the manuscript in Times New Roman font using a font size of 10. Title shall be in a font size 14, bold face capitals. All section titles in the manuscript shall be in font size 10, bold face capitals. Subtitles in each section shall be in font size 10, bold face lower case. Standard International Units could be used throughout the text. Pages should not be numbered, manuscript should be starting with the title page and the text should be arranged in the following order: Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion or Results and Discussion (Figure and Table titles and legends [must be submitted by excel sheet only), Acknowledgements, References (must be in numerical in text as well as references]). Title Page: The title must be as brief as possible, comprehensive and descriptive. Each author must provide their full name including their forenames and surname followed by their address in normal face lower case. The Corresponding Author of the manuscript must be marked with an asterisk, and should be listed first. In addition the corresponding author must include telephone, fax and E-mail address at the bottom left corner of the title page. If any of the co-authors are from different organizations, their addresses too should be mentioned and indicated using numbers after their names. Abstract: Should start on a new page after the title page and should present the reason of the study, the main findings, and principal conclusions, not more than 250 words. All the three categories, Review Articles, Research papers and Short Communications should have an Abstract. Keywords: 3-6 keywords are to be provided by the authors. Introduction: Should start on a new page and should clearly indicate the aim of the study. Novelty statement in work: Materials and Methods: The section Materials and Methods should include concise details on the methodology adopted, sufficient to repeat the experiment. Extracts and/or fractions tested for in vitro or in vivo biological activities should be chemically defined, at least by means of the results of preliminary phytochemical screening. Complete formulation details of all crude drug mixtures and extracts should be mentioned. The plant name should be fully mentioned when cited first, and the authors are asked to add the details regarding its identification, voucher herbarium specimen number and name of the herbarium institution where it has been deposited. The statistical method and the level of significance chosen should be clearly stated. Results : All results presented in tabular or graphical form shall be described in this section. All Tables and figures must have a title and a legend to make them self-explanatory and they should be given numbers. Tables and figures should be typed on separate excel format sheets only have to be submitted. Discussion: should contain a critical review of the results of the study with the support of relevant literature. It can end with brief conclusions. Acknowledgements: All acknowledgments should be typed in one paragraph directly preceding the reference section. References: number should refer to References. Nothing should be italicized. All References considered in text only for last(s) years as per need and also take care that authors not considered any  references in article to manupulate citation of author  or others ,article may reject at any point due to that . We do  cosidered any article which has any kind of manupulation repoted any  where with name related to article and it may considred as rejected at any point. 

Examples for references: Journals Author (last name) AB (initials), Author BB, Title of Article, Journal name, volume, year, page numbers.:Books: Author AB, Author BB, Author CC, Title of Book, Ed, Vol, Publisher, City, year, page numbers. but it should be in Vancouver reference citation (Numbered) with superscript.

Review process: Process reports are sent to the only corresponding authors with the decision or corrections. Referee identities may not be disclosed but their correction disclsed as Author Queries??? , as they are also instructed to maintain confidentiality and do the corrections in time. Time take 6-7 weeks or more to complete process is online.

Papers will usually be acknowledged upon receipt. Corresponding Author(s) have to submit article and do process , reply, corrections, solve corrections as asked Author Queries??? and duly take signed Copyright form other author who are not corresponding author.

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

Journal of Pharmacy Research and our other Journals follows the COPE rules (internet) . In addition, , it is expected of Corresponding authors, reviewers and editors that they follow the best-practice guidelines on ethical behavior contained therein.

A selection of key points is included below, but you should always refer to the three documents listed above for full details.

Duties of Editors: Fair play and editorial independence

Editors evaluate submitted manuscripts exclusively on the basis of their academic merit.


Editors and editorial staff will not disclose any information about a submitted manuscript to anyone other than the corresponding author, reviewers, potential reviewers, other editorial advisers, and the publisher, as appropriate.

Disclosure and conflicts of interest

Editors and editorial board members will not use unpublished information disclosed in a submitted manuscript for their own research purposes without the authors’ explicit written consent.

Publication decisions

The editors ensure that all submitted manuscripts being considered for publication undergo peer-review who are expert in the field. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for deciding which of the manuscripts submitted to the journal will be published.

Duties of Reviewers:Contribution to editorial decisions

Peer review assists editors in making editorial decisions and, through editorial communications with authors, may assist authors in improving their manuscripts. Any manuscripts received for review are confidential documents and must be treated as such. Reviewers should identify relevant published work that has not been cited by the authors.

Duties of Authors: Reporting standards :Authors of original research should present an accurate account of the work performed and the results, followed by an objective discussion of the significance of the work. Authors may be asked to provide the raw data (in excel file ) of their study together with the manuscript for editorial review and should be prepared to make the data publicly available if practicable. Authors should ensure that they have written and submit only entirely original works, and if they have used the work and/or words of others, that this has been appropriately cited. More than 20% Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes unethical publishing behavior and is unacceptable. Authorship responsibility put the name  persons who meet these authorship criteria should be listed as authors in the manuscript as they must be able to take public responsibility for the content. Authors should disclose any conflicts of interest and all sources of financial support for the work should be disclosed. Authors should ensure that they have properly acknowledged the work of others, and should also cite publications that have been influential in determining the nature of the reported work.

Duties of the Publisher: The publisher, together with the editors, shall take reasonable steps to identify  and prevent the publication of papers where research misconduct has occurred, and under no circumstances encourage such misconduct or knowingly allow such misconduct to take place. The publisher is committed to the permanent availability and preservation of scholarly all article in one point ( with proper link . We are not responsible for any external link taken or given by any corresoponding author or (s). we are giving a link to a article which is available to all and it can not modify or not to be publish without our link .



                                                                   COPYRIGHT FORM


JPR solutions

Journal name:

Sub: Submission of an original/short communication/review article/case report with copyright and authorship responsibility.

Title of Article: (write title of your article here)

Corresponding author contact Detail:

I/we certify that I/we have participated sufficiently in the conception and design of this work and the analysis of the data (wherever applicable), as well as the writing of the manuscript, to take public responsibility for it. I/we believe and know the manuscript represents valid and original work and reflects no plagiarism issue. I/we have reviewed the final version of the manuscript and approve it for publication. Neither has the manuscript nor one with substantially similar content under my/our authorship been published or is being considered for publication elsewhere. I/we have read and know policy/rule of JPR SOLUTIONS. Authors accept that they are solely responsible for the content of article and not JPR SOLUTIONS. I/we declare that this article has not published anywhere and I/we know that plagiarism article will be deleted even after publication. We certify that all the data collected during the study is presented in this manuscript & no data from the study has been or will be published separately. Furthermore I attest that I shall produce the data upon which the manuscript is based for examination by the editors or their assignees, if required. I/we give consent for publication in the JPR SOLUTIONS in any media (print, electronic or any other) and transfer copyright to the JPR SOLUTIONS. I further state that there is no conflict of interests among the authors/coauthors regarding publication of this article.

I/we also agree to the authorship of the article in the following sequence: 

Author’s name(s)                                                                       Signatures                                    

1.------------------------------------                                               1.---------------------------------

2.------------------------------------                                                2.---------------------------------

3.-----------------------------------                                                3.---------------------------------

4.-----------------------------------                                                4.---------------------------------



  • All authors are required to sign this above copyright form. However, first author & corresponding author may sign on behalf of others in case of non-availability of other authors, after taking consent of all authors/coauthors.
  • No addition, deletion or change in the sequence of authors is allowed at a later stage.

The editorial decision is final. The editorial board reserves the right to make corrections/revisions aimed at greater clarity or conformity of style.

General Instructions

Papers must be submitted with the understanding that they have not been published anywhere (except in the form of an abstract or or thesis) and are not currently under consideration by another journal. The Corresponding author is responsible for ensuring that the article's publication has been approved by all the other co-authors. It is also the authors' responsibility to ensure that the articles emanating from a particular institution are submitted with the approval of the necessary institution and others.

Electronic submission of manuscripts is strongly encouraged, provided that the text, tables (in excel file also), and figures/plates (in separate excel file also) are included in a single Microsoft Word file (preferably in Times New Roman, Font Size 10). Further correspondence and proofs will be sent to the corresponding author before publication unless otherwise indicated. It is a condition for submission of a paper that the authors permit editing of the paper for readability. The inclusion and deletion of author(s) name will not be permitted after the preparation of proofs. All enquiries concerning the publication of submitted/accepted papers should be addressed to editor .

Copyright Policy

All rights are reserved with JPR Solutions. All the authors must sign a copyright transfer form of JPR Solutions at the time of submission of manuscript before publication of articles.

Policy on Plagiarism

• The publisher and journal don’t take any responsibility regarding plagiarism issues raised out of any article or hoax submission. Plagiarised article will not be published in JPR Solutions, however if any plagiarised article published by mistake, it will be deleted from our website and contents.  • The publisher/journal does not support any kind of article or hoax submission. Authors are fully responsible for article or hoax submission.  • Authors are instructed to take care of plagiarism while submitting their manuscript. Authors are advised not to submit plagiarism article or hoax submission article.

Preparation Check List for Author(s) before submitting manuscript:

      Note: Select The subject  Editor 

  1. Please check article type and category of article under which you want to publish your article.
  2. Check for complete and correct Affiliation details (present working address with designation) of all authors/co-authors with email ID. Don’t forget to write email ID of all the authors/co-authors.
  3.  ABSTRACT: Check for Abstract with Key words.
  4. Author(s) are advised to ensure that all reference numbers should be written in increasing order throughout the text of article, if references are cited in Vancouver style. 
  5. Word limit: ABSTRACT should be less than 500 words.
  6.  Links/Hyperlinks: Make sure there is no link/hyperlink in article. Article should not be in two columns. Full Article must be in one file . Manuscript must not contain footnote or endnote.
  7. Manuscript should be in Times New Roman, Font size 10 and Styles- No Spacing; Page Layout: Margins (Normal- 1” from all sides), Size (Letter- 8.5” *11”)
  8.  Refernces must be numerical with supercript without bracket.
  9.  While submission in online carfully Select the Right Editor for your article so Evalutions will be proper.

 Article Processing Charge ( APC) 

Authors will be required to pay for each manuscript accepted before publication.Authors are required to pay a nominal charges is to be paid to ACCOUNT ''Journal of Pharmacy Research '' (detial will be notified to corresponding author Upon acceptance ( after review). 

No Article submission chage for evaluations, review, giving comments.

Article processing charges (APCs) are associated with only accepted articles to cover the costs of making the final version of the manuscript available online upto 10 years (With repeated publication in each year)  and to cover Manuscript Evaluation systems, read, Plagiarism Check of article , author queries,Copyediting and correction support in time manner ( which author should follow), Pagination & typesetting,and final uploading.Hosting sevice, maintanace, with internet cost of service providers ( if author upload the article in  link then correponding author should inform us before uploading  or we are not responsible for missing , non -performing title, failure  to process futher after editing , all in a year accepted will be published in same year only not beoyond that year as Journal spend their payment just after process and can hold till the end of 31.12. of every year , beyond the expected year corresponding author has to repay to publish the work as it is an new process in next year and price may vary in any time without notice

APC Update on  12.11.2019)

APC Cost/Per article INR for (India ) FOREIGN

Finally selcted any article (with MS word file upto 5-6 word pages with double Spacing with 12 fornt  may Cost is 7080 )   and if increase pages  it can go upto 9460  Rs  ( with fast Track Publishing ) (upto 20 word pages with double Spacing

if more pages see bellow note 

423.33 USD ( Normal ) to 635 USD( fast Track Publishing )

Note : Above charges are applicable for  accepted articles only  after  the date 12.11.2019  and if maximum words allocated for article  then, additional charges of 800 INR/20 USD for every 500 words plus service taxes (18% GST) will be  applicable As Govt Rule (India).

(All cost will be applicable from 12.11.2019 to 12.11. 2020 ) and next update will be on 13.11.2020.



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