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Journal: JPR:BioMedRx:An International Journal, Volume: 1, Issue: October
Article Id: JPRS-Pha-00001080
Title: Effect of 17alpha hydroxyprogesterone caproate injections on bone profile in pregnant women with threatened abortion
Category: Pharmacology
Section: Research Article
Author Affiliation: MBChB ; M Sc; Ph D Pharmacology;  Assist. Prof.,  Head of the Depart. of Pharmacology , College of Medicine - University   of  Mosul – Iraq.
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Background: There is no adequate evidence from well-controlled studies to substantiate the 17‎α hydroxyprogesterone caproate (17 ‎α HPC) injections effect on the mother health like her bone profile. Aims: To evaluate the effect of 17‎α HPC injections on some bone profile parameters in pregnant women with threatened abortion. Methods: This is a cohort study in which a 22 healthy married pregnant women with age range between 19- 35 years from those who were attending AL–Batool Teaching Hospital in Mosul  from the period of 1st of January 2011 to  1st of  August  2011, complaining of threatened abortion to evaluated to be treated with 17 a HPC intramuscular (IM) injections in a dose of 250 mg every week until the 24-26th week of gestation were included in this study. Another 21 healthy pregnant women who did not complaining of threatened abortion were drawn from the same population and matched with the patients group and they were considered as a control group. The blood samples were collected from both groups at the first visit then at about 26th week of gestation to measure the total serum calcium, serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP), inorganic  phosphorous and albumin by commercial kits. Corrected serum calcium is calculated according to special equation. Results:. There were no significant differences in the mean serum level of all measured bone profile tests in the patients group after treatment with 17‎α HPC  and that of the control group at the 26th  week of gestation compared with the baseline level. Comparing the two groups, there were no significant differences in all measured parameters at the two collection time points. Discussion: Despite widespread clinical use of progestogens, no study exist to find the side effect of 17‎α HPC IM injections on the mother so accordingly this is the first study to evaluate the effect of 17 a HPC IM injections  every week on the indicator of bone profile of the women with threatened abortion. Conclusion: The use of weekly IM injections of 250 mg of 17‎α HPC for the treatment of threatened abortion considered to be safe regarding mother bone.