JPR solution’s journals circulate the worthy articles and make them available to the large potential readers who read and refer journals. JPR solutions accomplish this by working closely with partners in order to provide them with publishing services, which protract more time to explore their needs.

JPR solution’s enhanced functionalities in all journals and devoted to closely work with associates. JPR solution’s have various JOURNALS and their sections and subdivisions help researchers to choose apt article category for submission. JPR solution’s  will publish few but refined articles in journals and JPR solution’s  will continuously undergo monitoring for its improvement and we appreciate and welcome our new members.

JPR solutions will continuously give service to different journals. Our members are committed to make our content available to the researchers worldwide with an ease through web as per their need. JPR solution’s work closely with different community to make JPR solutions journals a realistic alternative. We maintain our fair support policies. JPR Solutions take professional advice or services to make sure that every journal is continuously growing.

  1. Journal of Pharmacy Research (0974-6943 ) 
  2. Drug Invention Today (0975-7619 )
  3. International Journal of Chemical and Analytical Science (0976-1209)
  1. JPR:BioMedRx:An International Journal ( 2321-4988 )

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Further enquiry  : 08902126909

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