Journal: Journal of Pharmacy Research

Article Id: JPRS-P'Col-00001714
Title: Molecular Mechanism of Resveratrol: A Systematic Review
Category: Pharmacology
Section: Review Article
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    Resveratrol is a naturally occurring compound of therapeutically importance due to its diverse pharmacological action. Resveratrol (RV) posses significant role viral infections, cancer and diabetes. In case of viral infection, it shows synergistic actions with antiviral drugs. Its anticancer action is due to antioxidant action, inhibition of hexsosamine pathway, and proappoptotic action. Anti-diabetic action is due to increase glucose uptake and beta cells protective action. It is also useful in CNS disorders. Resveratrol also shows anti-aging action. Extensive preclinical studies have been completed more clinical research should be carried out to establish as a lead compound.

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    Author(s) Name:

    Bibekananda Meher

    Affiliation(s) Name:

    Faculty of Pharmacy, IFTM University Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh-244102, India.

    *Corresponding author
    Dr. BibekanandaMeher
    Faculty of Pharmacy
    IFTM University, Moradabad

    Received on:06-04-2017; Revised on: 29-04-2017; Accepted on: 11-05-2017

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    Bibekananda Meher

    Title:Molecular Mechanism of Resveratrol: A Systematic Review
    Journal:Journal of Pharmacy Research
    Vol(issue):11 (May)
    Page No: (397-409)
  • Experimental Methods Keywords

    Methodology:Anticancer. Antiviral.Apoptosis
    Research Materials: Resveratrol


Anticancer. Antiviral.Apoptosis.Hexosamine pathway.Resveratrol.

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