Journal: Journal of Pharmacy Research

Article Id: JPRS-PB-00003327
Title: Searching possibility of vaccine leads to Histophilus somni by reverse vaccinology
Category: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Section: Research Article
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    Aim: Histophilus somni responsible for H. somni disease complex need to be controlled by vaccination in ruminants and demands vaccine epitope search. Materials and Methods: Present study searched proteome of the H. somni to select best-scored antigens and their epitopes by involving bioinformatics servers such as TMHMM, LipoP, SignalP, and Phobius that able to find out cell surface proteins. Further Blast P was used to check the conserved nature of every promising antigen by searching Histophilus other species. Finally, using human leukocyte antigen Pred, T-cell epitope prediction promising epitope and its binding energy were calculated. Results: H. somni encodes 1798 proteins out of which by reverse vaccinology approach 129 promising antigens and their epitopes were successfully reported those could be screened further in vaccine research. Conclusion: H. somni pathogenicity could be controlled by the vaccination of the ruminants if one of the 129 vaccine epitopes proved to be effective as evidenced to be promising as per reverse vaccinology approach.

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    Yamini Meshram, Dilip Gore*

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    Department of Biotechnology, Sai Biosystems Private Limited, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

    *Corresponding author: Dilip Gore, Sai Biosystems Private Limited Plot No 271 Raghuji Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

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    Yamini Meshram, Dilip Gore*

    Title:Searching possibility of vaccine leads to Histophilus somni by reverse vaccinology
    Journal:Journal of Pharmacy Research
    Vol(issue):13 (March )
    Page No: (24-29)
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    Methodology: Antigen, Epitope, Histophilus somni, Reverse vaccinology
    Research Materials:Vaccine


Antigen Epitope Histophilus somni Reverse vaccinology Vaccine

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