Journal: Journal of Pharmacy Research

Article Id: JPRS-PCS-000039
Title: Drug utilization evaluation study in Indian hospital
Category: Pharmaceutics
Section: Research Article
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    OBJECTIVES: This study was designed to identify the prescribing irrationalities and appropriate action have to be taken to reduce the irrational use of drugs and improve the prescribing pattern for rational use of drugs METHODS: Retrospective data from 01-08-03 to 31-07-04 and prospective data from 01-08-04 to 31-08-05 were collected and analyzed for the use of drugs. The prospective data were used to design intervention to change prescribing behavior and evaluate the outcome of results. The prospective statistical analysis consists of the names and quantities of drugs used for a year as well as the annual number of patient days. RESULTS: Two major prescribing irrationalities were observed after an analysis of use of individual drugs and drug groups. Ranitidine use was 1840.00 DDD/1000 PD during 2003-2004 increasing to 2575.67 DDD/1000 PD during 2004-2005 and Ibuprofen use was 573.66 DDD/1000 PD during 2003-2004 increasing to 606.25 DDD / 1000 PD during 2004-2005 at Rajah Muthiah Medical College & Hospital CONCLUSIONS: The result shows that the no need for prophylactic use of ranitidine in short term NSAID therapy in patient without any history of ulcer diseases and the therapeutic use of ibuprofen have to be prescribed careful after assessment of the risks and benefits in each patient is essential.

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    Author(s) Name:

    Seiyadu Ibrahim. K*1, Parimalakrishnan.S2

    Affiliation(s) Name:

    1Rajasthan Pharmacy College, Bhankrota, Jaipur India.
    2 Department of Pharmacy, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, India.

    For correspondence:

    K. Seiyadu Ibrahim. M.Pharm, Lecturer,Rajasthan Pharmacy College,,Rajasthan
    Institute of Engineering &Technology,,Ajmer Road, Bhankrota, Jaipur.

    Received on: 14-08-2008; Accepted on :18-09-2008

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    Seiyadu Ibrahim. K*1, Parimalakrishnan.S2

    Title:Drug utilization evaluation study in Indian hospital
    Journal:Journal of Pharmacy Research
    Vol(issue):1 (Oct-December 2008)
    Page No: (221-224)
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    Methodology:prospective statistical analysis of prescription
    Research Materials:drug


Drug utilization evaluation Indian hospital

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