Journal: Journal of Pharmacy Research

Article Id: JPRS-PHDRS-0000505
Title: Pharmacognostical studies on the Leaves of Alstonia scholaris R. Br.
Category: Pharmacognosy and Herbal Drugs related study
Section: Research Article
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    Alstonia scholaris R. Br. (Apocynaceae) is popularly known as “Saptaparni” or “Devil’s tree”, which is used in the traditional systems of medicine. The leaf is considered one of the important plant organs for the treatment of various disorders such as Beriberi disease, congestion of liver, in ulcer, dropsy, and stomachic pains. The current study has therefore been carried out to provide requisite pharmacognostic details. Morphological and anatomical aspects as well as differential microchemical response have been worked out to identify the diagnostic features of the leaf. Some of the diagnostic characters noted are verticillate arrangement of the leaves at node, dark green color of the upper surface, coriaceous nature, papillose abaxial epidermis and giant stomata. Physical constant values involving moisture content, ash and extractives as well as qualitative and quantitative estimation of various phytochemicals have been studied. The presence of lipid, saponin, tannin, alkaloid, phenol, steroid, flavonoid, and some other chemical constituents are recorded.

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    Mahendra S. Khyade*, Nityanand P. Vaikos

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    Department of Botany,Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University,Aurangabad - 431 004 [MS], India.

    Received on: 12-09-2008; Accepted on: 04-01-2009

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    Mahendra S. Khyade*, Nityanand P. Vaikos

    Title:Pharmacognostical studies on the Leaves of Alstonia scholaris R. Br.
    Journal:Journal of Pharmacy Research
    Vol(issue):2 (May)
    Page No: (858-861)
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    Research Materials:Alstonia scholaris


Alstonia scholaris leaf drug pharmacognosy

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