Journal: Journal of Pharmacy Research

Article Id: JPRS-ND-0000644
Title: An Overview On Certain Anticancer Natural Products
Category: Natural Drugs
Section: Review Article
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    Cancer is the second leading cause of death in developed and developing countries. It may be caused due to incorrect diet, genetic predisposition or environmental factors. At least 35% of all cancers worldwide are caused by incorrect diet. The plant kingdom has a great place in the treatment of diseases with no ill effect. Numerous plant products are now used for the remedy of cancer. According to WHO estimates, more than 80% people in developing countries depend on traditional medicine for their primary health needs. Consumption of large amount of vegetables and fruits can prevent the development of cancer. Several natural products are available as chemoprotective agents against various types of cancer. These chemoprotective agents are present in fruits, vegetables, plant extracts, herbs, microbes and marine organisms. A host of natural product constituents could be responsible for the protective effect against cancer. Although the mechanism of the protective effect is unclear, nevertheless, the consumption of natural products lowers the incidence of cancer. A major group of these products are the powerful antioxidants, others are phenolic in nature and the remainder includes reactive groups. This article emphasizes many anticancer natural products obtained from plant, microbe and marine sources, which possess potent anticancer activity.  

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    Govind Pandey*

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    Department of Rinder Pest, (Govt. Veterinary / Animal Husbandry Department), Jabalpur Division, Jabalpur, MP, India

    Received on: 30-07-2009; Accepted on: 15-11-2009

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    Govind Pandey*

    Title:An Overview On Certain Anticancer Natural Products
    Journal:Journal of Pharmacy Research
    Vol(issue):2 (December)
    Page No: (1799-1803)
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    Methodology:anticancer activity
    Research Materials:natural products


Antioxidants; anticancer activity; cancer; anticancer natural products

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