Journal: Drug Invention Today

Article Id: JPRS-D(DD)-0000906
Title: Solid Dispersion: Approaches, Technology involved, Unmet need & Challenges
Category: Drug (Discovery/Development)
Section: Review Article
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    More than 60% of potential drug products suffer from poor water solubility. This frequently results in potentially important products not reaching the market or not achieving their full potential. Most of the chemical entities are being are discovered are lipophilic in nature and have poor aqueous solubility, thereby posing problems in their formulation into delivery system. Experience with solid dispersions over the last 20-30 years indicates that this is a very fruitful approach to improving the release rate and oral bioavailability of poorly water soluble drugs and the availability of a wide variety of polymers that are themselves poorly soluble or which swell under aqueous conditions suggests that solid dispersions have tremendous potential in the area of controlled release dosage forms

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    Patidar Kalpana* 1, Soni Manish1, Sharma K. Dinesh 2, Jain K. Surendra 3

    Affiliation(s) Name:

    *1.Mandsaur Institute of Pharmacy,R.G.P.V., Bhopal, Mandsaur 458001, Madhya Pradesh, India.,
    2.Lovely Professional University, Punjab,India
    3.Sagar Group of Institution[Pharmacy],Sagar Estates, Bhopal,462041, , Madhya Pradesh, India.,

    *Corresponding author.
    Kalpana Patidar*
    Lecturer, Department of Pharmaceutics
    Mandsaur Institute of Pharmacy
    Mandsaur 458001, (M.P.), India.

    Received on: 20-03-2010; Revised on: 08-05- 2010; Accepted on:26-06-2010

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    Patidar Kalpana* 1, Soni Manish1, Sharma K. Dinesh 2, Jain K. Surendra 3

    Title:Solid Dispersion: Approaches, Technology involved, Unmet need & Challenges
    Journal:Drug Invention Today
    Vol(issue):2 (July)
    Page No: (349-357)
  • Experimental Methods Keywords

    Methodology:Solid dispersion
    Research Materials:poorly water soluble synthetic drugs


Solid solution Solid dispersion Dissolution Glass solutions Eutectic mixtures

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