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Journal of Pharmacy Research
ISSN NO: 0974-6943
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Journal: Journal of Pharmacy Research , Volume: 4, Issue: June
Article Id: JPRS-PA-00001358
Title: Validated HPLC method for the simultaneous estimation of gemifloxacin mesylate and ambroxol hydrochloride in bulk and tablet dosage form
Category: Pharmaceutical Analysis
Section: Research Article
Author Affiliation: Department of pharmaceutical Analysis, Adhiparasakthi college of pharmacy, Melmaruvathur-603319, Kancheepuram, District Tamil Nadu (INDIA)
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A High-performance liquid chromatography was developed and validated for the quantitative determination of two drugs. A simple, selective, rapid, precise and economical Reverse phase HPLC method has been developed for the simultaneous estimation of Gemifloxacin mesylate and Ambroxol HCl in combined tablet dosage by using Acetonotrile, Methanol and 0.1% Trifluro acetic acid in the ratio 25:20:55 % v/v as a solvent system. The method was carried out on a phenomenex C18 (15cm × 4.6mm i.d., 5 mm particle size) column, at a flow rate of 1.0mL/min. Detection was carried out at 248 nm. The retention time of Gemifloxacin mesylate and Amboxol HCl were 2.69 and 3.43 min, respectively. The developed method was validated in terms of accuracy, precision, linearity, limit of detection, limit of quantification and solution stability. The proposed method can be used for the estimation of these drugs in combined pharmaceutical dosage