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Journal of Pharmacy Research
ISSN NO: 0974-6943
The Journal of Pharmacy Research is an online Journal, publishing of correct version and document can be modified when, we/or author get comments from any readers. The journal is devoted to the promotion of Pharmaceutical sciences and related disciplines (including Pharmacy, medical, Biotech, Botany, organic and medicinal chemistry,  Nursing, Paramedical, prescription etc  fields).

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Journal: Journal of Pharmacy Research , Volume: 5, Issue: July
Article Id: JPRS-P'Col-00001057
Title: Prescribing Trends of Fixed Dose Combinations in Teaching and Non Teaching Hospitals of Ujjain District
Category: Pharmacology
Section: Research Article
Author Affiliation: MBBS, P.G. Student, Department of Pharmacology, R.D. Gardi Medical College, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India.
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Irrational production, prescription, and rationality of fixed dose combinations (FDCs) is a controversial and debated issue. FDCs can impose unnecessary financial burden and may increase adverse effects. Objective: To study the prescribing trend of fixed dose combinations in teaching and non- teaching hospital and determining their rationality. Methods: This prospective study was carried out in in-patients of tertiary care (teaching and non teaching) hospitals of Ujjain district. The prescriptions over one year duration were collected and analyzed. Results and Discussion: Analysis of data revealed that 62.56% of prescriptions from teaching hospital and 73.91% prescriptions from non teaching hospital contained FDCs. This indicates that significant number of patients received FDCs in both the hospital. Moreover, the average number of FDCs per prescription were also higher in non teaching setup (1.59 Vs 1.72). Out of 130 FDCs prescribed, only 7 were enlisted in the essential medicine list of WHO and Govt. of India 2011. In all, we found scientific justification for combining ingredients in only 14 FDCs. Conclusion: Hospitals should constitute drugs and therapeutics review committees to promote rationalize prescribing and justify use of FDCs.

Journal: Journal of Pharmacy Research , Volume: 5, Issue: July
Article Id: JPRS-PB-00001362
Title: Biodecaffeination by endophytic Pseudomonas sp. isolated from Coffee arabica L
Category: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Section: Research Article
Author Affiliation: 1Herbal Drug Technological Laboratory, Department of Studies in Microbiology, University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysore 570 006, India
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Bacterial endophytic flora from Coffee arabica L. was screened and evaluated for caffeine degrading experiments. Among the endophytes isolated bacterium belonging to Pseudomonas sp., exhibiting 98.61% caffeine degradation. The bacterium was capable of growing luxuriantly when caffeine was supplement as a sole source of carbon and nitrogen. Induced cells were capable of degrading caffeine. This is the first report on any endophytes being evaluated for caffeine degradation. Obtained results are promising enough and can be an alternative method for existing conventional methods employed in caffeine removal. Further study in this area will give an insight on the facile route in biodegradation of caffeine and also the possible role for these endophytic bacteria in the biology of the coffee plant.