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Drug Invention Today
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Drug Invention Today (DIT) was first published in 2009 by JPR Solutions. It is a journal, which publishes reviews, research papers and short communications . From 2019  Journal will be monthly twice ( vol 11& 12 with 2 Issues per month)
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Manuscripts Published

Journal: Drug Invention Today , Volume: 8, Issue: March
Article Id: JPRS-MSNS-00001217
Title: Smart functionalization cotton preparation using synergistic drug for enhanced bioefficacy against nosocomial pathogens
Category: Microbiological Study (on Natural/ Synthetic drug)
Section: Research Article
Author Affiliation: School of Biological Sciences, CMS College of Science & Commerce, Coimbatore.
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Objective: This study focus on smart functionalization cotton fabric preparation by using the synergistic antimicrobial agents like, the antibiotic cefixime trihydrate and the biopolymer chitosan. The analysis provides a reliable method of coating the selected drugs permanently with the cotton fabric surface for reuse. Methods: The synergistic effect of the polymer chitosan and the antibiotic cefixime trihydrate were analysed using checker board method against nosocomial pathogens Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The cotton fabrics were coated with the synergistic drug using the reactive dye exhaust method to prepare a permanent antimicrobial finished cotton fabric. The antibiotic cefixime was made reactive using cyanuric chloride which was an efficient linker of chitosan with cellulosic units in cotton fabrics. The antimicrobial efficiency of the finished cotton was analysed using the AATCC 124-1996 and AATCC 100 test methods. To ensure its biocompatibility, the coated cotton fabric was implanted in chorio-allantoic membrane of the embryonated eggs and analysed.Results and Conclusion: The qualitative and quantitative microbial analysis of the coated cotton fabric produced reliable results against the used pathogens. The bacterial reduction percentage after every wash of coated cotton was increasing and provides a proof for the permanent coating of synergistic drugs.

Cite this article as: S. Vanitha Malathy, R. Joycy Jay Manoharam, B. Venkatrajah,Smart functionalization cotton preparation using synergistic drug for enhanced bioefficacy against nosocomial pathogens,Drug Invention Today 2016,8(1),1-5.